I’m a Partner at one of the big four accounting firms.

While not fighting my way through the fog and smoke of downtown London  Shanghai  Hong Kong  Jakarta, I provide a range of M&A and financial consulting advice to corporations in Asia and Europe. I’ve worked on some of the biggest deals going and have the wrinkles to prove it.

If you want to connect professionally, please contact me via linked in.


I am a big fan of the artsy, impressionistic, liberally colourful cinematography of Wong Kar-Wai/Christopher Doyle.

While working in Hong Kong in 2010, the culmination of dramatic night-time cityscapes and flashbacks from the WKW movies brought out a desire to head out and shoot the streets.

It was the time when micro four thirds emerged as a new breed of mirrorless interchangable lens cameras which promised portability, solid image quality and a wide shooting envelope.

After taking a lot of photos i was invited to join the Olympus Visionary programme, and have won a few awards for travel shots from Myanmar and Morocco.

I’m genuinely inspired by the work I see around me on social media. People may belittle this, and there’s plenty of mediocre images out there, but there are also some genuinely talented artists who share their work on Flickr, etc. if you dig a little you’ll find the gold.

These are photographers i think are fantastic which you might also enjoy:


Finance in Indonesia: set for a new path?

This publication sets out the Indonesian financing landscape, trends in credit and deposit growth, profitability, financial inclusion and fintech, Islamic banking, regulatory developments and recent deal activity.

Indonesia is home to some of the most profitable and fastest growing financing companies in the world. Investment interest is high and regulatory changes are supporting inbound investment, disruption and consolidation.

Payments in Indonesia: who will drive the cashless revolution?

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 12.16.49

With a young growing population of over 250 million people, and around 5 million people entering the consumer class each year, Indonesia has seen significant attention from global and local technology companies, which, in the last two or so years, have revolutionized the retail and transportation sectors. Cash is still the dominant retail payment method, however we believe Indonesia is poised for a cashless revolution.

Insurance in Indonesia: Opportunities in a Dynamic Market

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 12.16.49

This is a comprehensive report that brings together my insights on the insurance market in Indonesia, and profiles of the key players; together with our views on where to play and the likely evolution of the distribution landscape.

Financial Inclusion in Indonesia

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 12.16.03

This publication looks at the microfinance landscape and implications of new Branchless Banking regulations (Laku Pandai) and Microfinance Laws. It suggests the larger domestic banks are set to benefit over the smaller rural microfinance institutions, with opportunities opening up for larger conglomerates with banking arms attached.